Quick Tip for Residents: Signing Up for Ticketed Events

Not every event in your neighborhood can be open to your whole active adult community. Sometimes space restrictions or costs can create exclusive opportunities for those who lucky enough to get tickets. But that doesn’t mean you need to stand outside your community manager’s door in the dark and the cold. With LifestyleLink, you can sign up for ticketed events any time through your resident portal.

Buying tickets or reserving your seat at community or club events is easy with LifestyleLink. Today’s quick tip explains how to sign up for events.

Save Yourself a Seat at Registration Events

Registration events on LifestyleLink include any events that require tickets. These can be free reservations to hold your space at an upcoming workshop, or priced tickets for a group outing.

To learn more about creating ticketed events for your group or social club, check out Quick Tips for Residents: Creating Private Events with LifestyleLink.

If you are looking for a way to stay active and connected with your community, you can use the LifestyleLink calendar page. Just click on “Calendar” in the top menu of your resident portal. All registration events appear on the community calendar with a ticket icon next to the event title.

Signing Up for an Event

To sign up for an event, find any event on the calendar with the ticket icon and click its name. On the event page you will see the event name date, time, and details, including the ticket price, if applicable. Simply add the number of tickets you need and type any additional information in the box provided. This information could include:

  • The names of people attending (if you are reserving more than one ticket)
  • Whether you are bringing an item to the event
  • Any special accommodations you need honored by the event hosts
  • Meal preferences or food restrictions for catered events

Once you have filled out the form, click the “Add to Cart button” and you’ll be taken to the checkout page. Here you can review your order and see the total that you will be charged, as well as what to do if you need a refund. Simply click “Continue to the Next Step” to enter your payment information. Click to continue and you will be brought to the confirmation page.

Reserving a Free Spot at a Registration Event

To reserve a free spot at a registration event, just follow the same steps. When you click the Add to Cart button the process is complete and you will have reserved your seat at the event.

Finding Your Past Ticket Orders

If you need to review your past ticket purchases, you can find that information in the Lifestyle menu. Click on “My Orders” to review all your past purchases. Depending on your community settings, you may also be able to download your tickets or proof of purchase online.

You are now ready to sign up and get tickets for registration events at your community. For more LifestyleLink learning resources, check out our blog, or watch videos on our YouTube channel.

Quick Tip: Signing Up for Events