Quick Tips for Residents: Creating a Group or Club

Active adult communities thrive because of their members’ activity groups and social clubs. LifestyleLink makes it easy to create an online source for all your group’s resources. It all starts with creating a group or club on your LifestyleLink residents’ portal.

Creating a New Group or Club

Creating a group or club with LifestyleLink is easy. To begin, click on “Groups” in your Lifestyle menu. Then click the Create New Group button in the top-right portion of your screen. This will bring up a form you can use to create a new group or club. Just give your new group a name, add a description that will be displayed to the community and choose how members can join. You have three options:

  • Join Without Approval: This allows any community member to join automatically without approval from a group host or community administrator.
  • Join by Requesting Membership (approval required): This allows you, the group leader, to approve membership of anyone requesting to join.
  • Join by Invitation Only: This allows you to limit the members of your group to those you specifically invite.

Click “Submit” and your application is sent to your community administrator for review and approval. The group will now appear on your Lifestyle Group page marked “(PENDING)”, but it won’t be visible to other members, yet. You will receive an email letting you know if your group has been approved.

Editing a New or Existing Group

Once your new group has been approved by a community administrator, it will appear in the Groups list, so members and residents will be able to find you. You can edit the details of the group by clicking on the  group name in the Groups list. Click the Edit Group button in the Admin menu that appears at the top of the page.

Here you can edit the Group Description, upload a photo for your group’s home page, and update the group’s privacy settings. You can choose who can see things like:

  • A list of group members
  • Group documents
  • Photos

Invite Members to Your Group with LifestyleLink

It’s time to invite members to join your new group. Click on “Invite a New Member” in your Admin menu and search for a resident using any part of the person’s first or last name. Click “Invite” to email an invitation to the resident. When you send this email, the resident will receive a link that allows them to accept the invitation and join your group. You can use a standard message, or customize it before you send it.

As a Group Leader you can now manage all your group’s resources right from your LifestyleLink resident’s portal. You can learn more about how your group or club can make the most of LifestyleLink by watching our Group Leader Tutorial.

LifestyleLink is an easy-to-use web solution that makes it simple for residents to communicate with each other, their social groups and clubs, and their community administrators online. It is available to active adult communities across the country. Your active adult community can customize the software to fit your needs, and your facility. Contact a LifestyleLink representative for a tour of the software.

LifestyleLink Quick Tip: Create a Group or Club